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UAC Advice for Year 12 Students

20 May 2019

UAC Advice

To start your application you will need your Year 12 student number (issued through your school) and your UAC PIN (supplied by UAC).

You can manage your application after you have applied. Simply use your UAC Application Number (generated once you put in your personal details) and UAC PIN to login.

NOTE: Some Tertiary Institutions haven’t supplied all 2020 course information to UAC. In the meantime you can select any course commencing in 2020 to get your application underway. You can always come back later to review, modify and update your preferences. All courses will be available by August.

The UAC application process steps

  1. Go to Current Applicants and identify yourself as an undergraduate, international or postgraduate applicant and select the appropriate application button. Or click on the 'Apply or log in' button at the top right of the page and select the relevant application type.
  2. Enter your personal details. 
  3. Provide details of your studies and qualifications. 
  4. Select your course preferences. 
  5. Accept the applicant declaration and pay for your application. Your application is now complete. 
  6. Log in to your application to keep track of its progress and to change your preferences if you want to. 
  7. Log in to check your offers. 

Here you go!!! 

Start your application 

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