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Personal development, health and physical education (PDHPE) is mandatory from Kindergarten to Year 10 and provides students with the opportunity to enhance and develop resilience and connectedness and learn to interact respectfully with others.

Through PDHPE students develop the skills to research, apply, appraise and critically analyse health and movement concepts in order to maintain and improve their health, safety, wellbeing and participation in physical activity.

Students are provided with opportunities to learn to critique and challenge assumptions, attitudes, behaviours and stereotypes and evaluate a range of health-related sources, services and organisations. They develop a commitment to the qualities and characteristics that promote and develop empathy, resilience, respectful relationships, inclusivity and social justice. Students practise, develop and refine the physical, cognitive, social and emotional skills that are important for engaging in movement and leading a healthy, safe and physically active life.

Electives for years 8, 9 and 10:

  • Physical Activity and Sport Studies.

Electives for years 11 and 12:

  • Stage 6 Personal Development, Health and Physical Education
  • Sport, Lifestyle and Recreation Studies

Physical Activity and Sports Studies (PASS)

Physical Activity and Sports Studies is a Year 8, 9 and 10 elective that aims to enhance students' capacity to participate effectively in physical activity and sport, leading to improved quality of life for themselves and others. Students engage in a wide range of physical activities in order to develop key understandings about how and why we move and how to enhance the quality and enjoyment of movement.

What will students learn to do?

Throughout the course students will develop skills that develop their ability to:

  • work collaboratively with others to enhance participation, enjoyment and performance in physical activity and sport

  • display management and planning skills to achieve personal and group goals in physical activity and sport

  • perform movement skills with increasing proficiency

  • analyse and appraise information, opinions and observations to inform physical activity and sport decisions.

Stage 6 Personal Development, Health and Physical Education

This course examines a range of areas that underpin health and human movement in Australia. The health status of Australia is studied in detail along with the factors that affect physical performance in sport and physical activity. This is a highly demanding course with many theoretical concepts requiring depth of understanding.

Preliminary Course learning opportunities focus on:

  • meanings of health and physical activity

  • better health for individuals

  • the body in motion

  • two options are also covered and may include – first aid, composition and performance, fitness choices or outdoor recreation

HSC Course learning opportunities focus on:

  • health priorities in Australia

  • factors affecting performance

  • two options are also covered and may include- sports medicine, improving performance, sport and physical activity in Australian society, the health of young people, equity and health

The syllabus provides a direct link with study and vocational pathways in the areas of recreational, paramedical, movement and health sciences. Related career opportunities are expanding and gaining recognition throughout the community as legitimate fields of endeavour.

The syllabus encourages personal growth, the enhancement of wellbeing and the development of the individual's capacity to take a productive role in society.

Stage 6 Sport, Lifestyle and Recreation Studies.

This course is designed for students to learn about the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle. Students are encouraged to establish a lifelong commitment to being physically activity and to achieving movement potential. The course provides the opportunities to specialise in various modules of expertise or interest such as: athletics; first aid; fitness; specific sports; sports administration; coaching; social perspectives of sport; and healthy lifestyle, games and sports application.

  • knowledge and understanding of the factors that influence health and participation in physical activity

  • knowledge and understanding of the principles that impact on quality performance

  • an ability to analyse and implement strategies to promote health, activity and enhanced performance

  • a capacity to influence the participation and performance of self and others

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