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School uniform

Jamison High School's Uniform

We care about our students and their image in the community. The way students present themselves conveys a strong message about the students themselves and our school. Jamison High School has a strict uniform policy and, therefore, a neat and tidy appearance at all times is essential.

The school uniform for Jamison High School is set by the school community. The school, the parents and other interested members of the community have agreed that the school uniform should be worn by all students

Uniform shop

All uniform items can be bought from our uniform shop (the only supplier of the Jamison High School uniform). They are located in the school grounds adjacent to the staff car park.

School uniform policies

Please click here for more information about our school rules regarding our uniform.

Junior uniform (Years 7, 8 and 9)

Senior uniform (Years 10, 11, 12)

Regular uniform

Girls blouse (junior) - sky blue with maroon piping and school logo
Girls blouse (senior) - white with maroon piping and school logo
Girls skirt
- grey with school initials
Girls shorts - grey beltloop shorts
Girls trousers - grey corporate slacks (no track pants, leggings or yoga pants)

Boys shirt (junior) - sky blue with school logo
Boys shirt (senior) - white with school logo
Boys shorts - grey beltloop shorts with school initials
Boys trousers -  grey beltloop corporate trousers  (no track pants, leggings or yoga pants)

Unisex polo top - sky blue with maroon panels and school logo
Unisex fleecy top (junior) - maroon with school logo
Unisex fleecy top (senior) - navy blue with school logo
Unisex woollen sweater (junior) - maroon with school logo
Unisex woollen sweater (senior) - navy blue with school logo
Unisex jacket - maroon with sky blue panels and school logo (no hooded jackets)

School hat - maroon with school initials
Socks - white ankle length (no markings)
Stockings / tights - black
Tie - (optional) maroon with school logo
Scarf - (optional) maroon

Footwear - (Work, health and safety requirement). Shoes must meet the following requirements:

  • Black - no coloured markings
  • Fully enclosed
  • Leather upper
  • Black laces

PLEASE NOTE: Tracksuit pants, hoodies and non-school coloured items of any kind are NOT part of the Jamison High School Uniform and are unacceptable attire for any reason. Our policy is to supply loan socks, jumpers, pants and skirts (with tights if requested) for students to change into for the day if they are not in correct uniform. Students who attend school without a note are also required to attend the detention room.

Sports uniform

Unisex polo - sky blue and maroon with school initials
Unisex shorts - maroon with blue piping and school initials
Footwear - enclosed runners or joggers suitable for sport activities

Jewellery and makeup

Makeup - no makeup for juniors.
Nail polish - clear polish only.

Jewellery - Work, health and safety requirements apply. Students may only wear the following:

  • 1 ring
  • 1 pair of studs or sleepers in the ears
  • 1 bracelet
  • 1 watch
  • 1 small necklace (plain).

Facial piercings - Banned. In line with work health & safety (WHS) requirements, unsafe facial piercings are banned from school. This includes, but is not limited to lip rings, eyebrow rings and tongue piercings.