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English as an additional language / dialect (EAL/D)

In Australian schools, learning is accessed through English, and achievement is demonstrated through English. Each area of the curriculum has language structures and vocabulary particular to its learning domain, and these are best taught in the context in which they are used. All teachers are responsible for teaching the language and literacy demands of their learning areas.

Students for whom English is an additional language or dialect (EAL/D) require specific support to build the English language skills required for effective communication and access to the Australian Curriculum.

EAL/D education supports the English language development of students whose first language is not English. This includes:

  • newly arrived migrants
  • refugees
  • Indigenous Australians who speak a dialect other than Standard Australian English, and 
  • Australian-born students from a language background other than English (LBOTE) whose English language skills may still be in development.

Our teachers modify their teaching and resources to suit the learning needs of each student. 

We also have an EAL/D teacher who works with targeted students who require intensive support in developing their English language skills. This ensures they can communicate and participate in all classes and meet the same outcomes as their peers.

EAL/D students can arrange to meet with the EAL/D teacher for one-on-one support on their classwork, homework and assessment tasks.  

Visit EAL/D education for more information about support for English language learners in NSW schools.

Also see ACARA's EAL/D resource page for more information about how we embed EAL/D support across the curriculum.