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Enrolling at Jamison High School:

Our school can help with enrolment queries throughout the year.

On this page:

  • Jamison High School Enrolment Policy
  • Local area school catchment map
  • How to enrol
    • Local area enrolment
    • Non-local enrolment
    • International students
    • Distance education

Jamison High School Enrolment Policy and Procedure

The Jamison High School enrolment policy has been designed in accordance with the Department of Education. Our policy addresses:

  • the process of enrolment at our school
  • the general principles governing enrolment
  • our criteria for non-local area enrolments, and
  • our criteria for enrolment panel decisions

Download a copy of the Jamison High School Enrolment Policy.

Local enrolment area

Most schools have designated local enrolment areas. The School Finder shows our local enrolment area. Note: local enrolment areas are subject to change.

How to enrol 

During the enrolment process, let the principal know of any special circumstances, allergies, health or medical conditions affecting your child.

For more information, visit high school enrolment or contact us to discuss your child’s enrolment.

Download an application to enrol (PDF 579KB).

Application forms must be completed in English. However, a translated application to enrol may help you to fill out the form in English.

Download a copy of the Jamison High School Enrolment Policy.

Students enrolling into Year 7

Students from government schools

Entry into Year 7 is managed through your child’s primary school. Please contact your Primary school for the Expression of Interest form – Placement into Year 7, in a NSW Government school.

Our Orientation Day, held in Term 4 each year, is a good way to meet the other incoming year 7 students, meet the teachers and get to know our school.

For more information on enrolling in NSW public schools visit the NSW Department of Education - Going to a public
school website found at this link.

Students from Non-government schools

Year 7 students from Catholic or Independent schools are welcome to contact the office and request an Expression of Interest form. Our contact details can be found at this link.

Students enroling into Year 8 to 12

Application inquiries can be made at the front office. New enrolments are interviewed and places are offered based on subject availability.

To interview, students should bring the following:

  • Completed application form
  • A copy of the applicant's Birth Certificate or Passport or VISA application
  • Copies of two most recent school reports
  • Proof of address
  • Any other documentation to support the application including recent participation in academic competitions and co-curricular activities 

Non-local enrolments

As outlined in the department’s enrolment policy, our school may accept enrolments from outside our local enrolment area if places are available.

Temporary visas and international students

For information about eligibility and forms to complete, visit the temporary residents program.

Distance education

Distance education is an equity program for students who are geographically isolated or whose individual circumstances prevent them from regularly attending school. Students must meet one of the conditions in Distance Education Enrolment Procedures to be eligible for access to this provision.

For more information about educational opportunities in rural areas, visit Rural and distance education.