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Special religious education

NSW schools offer special religious education (SRE) and special education in ethics (SEE).  These curriculums are delivered by approved providers where available. 

For more information, visit Religion and ethics.

Special religious education at Jamison High School

SRE scripture providers

Jamison High School provides Combined Christian SRE taught by representatives of the Australian Christian Churches in a combined group arrangement. This includes:

  • The Anglican Diocese of Sydney
  • Baptist Union of NSW
  • The Salvation Army
  • Christian Community Churches of Australia
  • Australian Christian Churches, and 
  • Presbyterian Church of Australia (NSW).

The SRE Curriculum used by the Australian Christian Churches at Jamison High School is the CEP ThinkFaith curriculum.


Delivery of SRE curriculum

Block schedule
SRE is taught in a one-off block schedule for Years 7 – 9 students on Monday’s throughout the year. Each lesson runs for 1 period (60 minutes) and is taught in place of a core subject lesson during the scheduled block. These blocks will occur during different terms of the school year depending on the core subject.


  • Year 7 program will run for 5 periods across 5 weeks.
  • Year 8 program will run for 3 periods across 3 weeks.
  • Year 9 program will run for 2 periods across 2 weeks.

There may also be one-off seminars taught in addition to the above program around the Easter and Christmas Public Holidays


Enrolment and withdrawal

2018 or earlier: Students will be enrolled using the religion specified on their enrolment form. If no option is available in your child’s particular religious persuasion, alternatively meaningful activities are provided by teaching staff. An additional school letter will be sent home prior to program commencement.

2019 and beyond: Parents are required to complete the Special Religious Education and Special Education in Ethics Participation Letter at enrolment and specify what SRE option you would like your child to participate in. There are two options:

  • Option 1 - Christian SRE for Years 7, 8 and 9
  • Option 2 - Non-scripture. Students will participate in alternative meaningful activities.

For a copy of the form you may click this link or please contact the school.

Withdrawal: Parents may write to the school at any time if you wish to change your SRE / SEE preference.